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Kittrell Interiors | Our Services
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Our Services

Kittrell Interiors is a full service design firm specializing in individualized interiors
that reflect your lifestyle and preferences. The journey begins with an in-home brainstorming session where you and your designer will create a wish list of your aesthetic and functional needs.
A wide array of services are available and may include:



  • Providing complete “turn key” design plan and furnishings
  • Arranging existing furnishings and accessories
  • Assisting in builder selections for new home construction and remodeling
  • Staging for resale
  • Hourly consultation for the DIY client


Initial In-Home Consultation


  • 1-2 hour discussion of initial ideas, design criteria, and review of space.
  • Pricing:  $150.00/hour

Hourly Consultation


  • Pricing: $150.00/per hour



We offer staging advice for the “do-it-yourself”. With a 1-2 hour consultation, we can provide you with a to-do list of items that will make your home sell faster and for top dollar.


  • Pricing: $150.00/per hour


In addition, we also offer full service staging that may include home repairs, remodeling, removal of items to storage, furniture rental, rearrangement of existing furnishings and more.


  • Priced according to the scope and time frame of the job.

Home Buyer Design Analysis


Our “Home Buyer – Design Analysis” is an invaluable tool when looking for your luxury home. By revealing a properties design potential, Kittrell Interiors will put you “in the space” and add to the comfort and enjoyment of your home buying experience.


  • Pricing: $600.00
  • Discuss current furnishings and style
  • Analyze style/function, goals, and concerns
  • Tour prospective homes to analyze compatibility and potential

Terms of Sales Agreement & Design Fee


  • Signed agreement and design fee are required prior to design development
    • Pricing: $2.00/sq. ft. (minimum/1500 sq. ft)
    • Design fee includes:
      • Customized interior design
      • Presentation of fabrics, window /wall treatments, lighting, furnishings
      • Design packet with pricing, floor plans, specifications, photos, sketches and samples

Fee & Pricing Structure


  • All furnishings priced at 25% below retail with these exceptions:
    • Retail only resources are priced at cost plus hourly fee
    • Fabric and wall coverings are priced @ retail
  • Freight, shipping, storage/delivery @ actual cost plus 5% administrative fee (not included in design packet pricing)
  • Subcontracted labor/materials are @ cost plus 25%
  • Expense and Travel Reimbursements are billed @ cost plus 5% administrative fee
  • Design fee of $150.00 per hour will apply but is not limited to the following:
    • On site meetings with sub contractors
    • Kitchen design
    • Granite/tile selection
    • Placement of furnishings and accessories
    • Framing design/installation
  • State sales tax will be charged as applicable

Payment Specifications


  • Deposit required to initiate all orders/75%
  • Balance due 7 days from receipt of balance invoice (items will be invoiced individually upon installation or upon arrival in warehouse if stored)
  • Payments may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa,  or AmEx

Return Policy


  • Custom ordered items are not returnable unless damaged in transit. Any service required on items after 60 days and not covered by the manufacturer, will be at the clients expense.  Stock items may be returned up to 30 days from placement in the home.