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Kittrell Interiors is a full service design firm specializing in individualized interiors that reflect your lifestyle and preferences.

The journey begins with an in-home brainstorming session where you and your designer will create a wish list of your aesthetic and functional needs.

A wide array of services are available and may include:

Turn Key Design Plan and Furnishings

Turn key design plan and furnishings

We provide you with a complete design and floor plan

Arranging Furnishings and Accessories

Arranging furnishings and accessories

We will arrange your existing furnishings and accessories.

New Home Construction and Remodeling

New home construction and remodeling

We can assist you in all phases of construction including architectural layout, finishes, and project management support.

Let us act as the liaison between you and builder to insure that your design expectations are met.

Staging For House Resale

Staging for house resale

We can provide staging advice for the DIY client or full staging services including furnishing and accessories.

Initial In-Home Consultation

1-2 hour discussion of initial ideas, design criteria, and review of space.

The bathroom is the part of our house where we spend much of our time in the day, but it can be sometimes overlooked when thinking about home improvements. However, most homeowners decide to have their bathroom renovated mainly because of four reasons: To increase comfort, to increase safety, to freshen up their space and to increase their home’s value.

Even though carrying out a remodeling process is not a breeze, Kittrell Interiors’ team will take on the hardest part so you can enjoy the results! For over the last 30 years, Beth Kittrell and her team have been providing the best customized designs and outstanding customer service. 

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Beth Kittrell has over 30 years designing fully-livable homes. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, her company offers custom services, always prioritizing her clients’ desires and decisions.

Kittrell Interiors’ professional designers and specialists will help you build the kitchen of your dreams. Be it from scratch or just by modifying the right details, we will make it just as you wish.

Basements are often overlooked by homeowners looking to improve their houses, as they can be dark, cluttered, and generally unprepared for building straight away. But basements can easily become a beautiful and integrated part of your home, and even add significant value to your property!

A basement remodeling project can be a bit more demanding than other home endeavors, but there’s no need to worry! At Kittrell Interiors, we have wide experience making the most out of any part of your home. Our team will work alongside you throughout the whole process to guarantee the best results and bring your dream home to life.

Basement Remodeling Services
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